Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sunglasses for 2014 NYFW Fashion Week

Sunglasses for 2014 NYFW Fashion Week
When dressing up for fashion week, it's necessary to prepare yourself for street style photos... including accessories. I once saw a YouTube video of a girl who dressed up in an outlandish Nicki Minaj costume, hired a fake bodyguard, and walked through the outdoor area at Lincoln Center during NYFW 2012. She wore a very colorful, pastel Nicki Minah style outfit with bright sunglasses and carried enormous colorful balloons. It was a publicity stunt on her part and definitely bought her some attention. Now, we're not saying to dress up like a celebrity for NYFW 2014 and hire a fake bodyguard... but you get the point.
The larger, the better. The brighter the better... especially when it comes to your sunglasses. Oversized novelty sunglasses can help you stand out during NYFW. But sophisticated sunglasses that are on trend will work just as well. If you want to get noticed for a street style fashion blog this NYFW 2014, sunglasses are must... no matter what! The above sunglasses are a very up-to-date pair of inspired runway designer sunglasses from 2013. These sunglasses are still very highly sought-after and would make a great choice for the 2014 fashion. Buy a pair of these street style, fashion week-ready sunglasses at

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