Sunday, June 15, 2014

Trendy Cheap Vintage Sunglasses

I stood up and extended my hand to Eric. He looked down at it and it seemed as if he hesitated for a millisecond. I was fuming. He shook my hand and I made sure to pull my hand away before he did his. I quickly sat down and put back on my Trendy Cheap Vintage Sunglasses to further make my point. He was being rude and I wasn't about to return any pleasantries her way. Shauna saw that I was annoyed and whisked him over to meet other's in the crew he didn't know yet. From time to time, I glanced over at them, peaking through my dark Trendy Cheap Vintage Sunglasses. Eric, though appearing to be an ogre, was very physically appealing. He had somewhat large muscles and was wearing a plaid button-up top with his sleeves rolled up. He forced himself from time to time, showing off some incredibly cute dimples. I continued to ogle him through my Trendy Cheap Vintage Sunglasses and then became self-conscious. I turned away and I looked back down at my iPhone.