Friday, January 24, 2014

DIY Rhinestone Cat Eye Sunglasses

DIY Rhinestone Cat Eye Sunglasses
The DIY sunglasses has been emerging over the last few years but it really took shape in 2013. Lots of creative young women are taking to Etsy (and their own Big Cartel ecomm stores), which beautifully embellished DIY sunglasses. The most popular style of DIY sunglasses are rhinestone cat eye sunglasses. I've seen some absolutely amazing DIY rhinestone Cat Eye Sunglasses. The best I've seen were a pair of Oversized Round Cat Eye Sunglasses (such as above), adorned with gold studs. Cat Eye Sunglasses make for the best DIY sunglasses because they already have a shape which is very feminine. Enormous iridescent rhinestones make them twice as feminine.
When shopping around for cat eye sunglasses to use for your DIY rhinestone project, remember to search for sunglasses that are high quality. You wouldn't want to sink all that time and money into your DIY project and have the sunnies fall apart. Next go for a pair of geometric cat eye sunglasses above or go for the Tom Ford inspired Cat Eye Sunglasses. They look absolutely marvelous when embellished with crystals. You can get either pair of Cat Eye Sunglasses for your DIY project at

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