Sunday, February 16, 2014

Buying Cheap Celebrity #Sunglasses

Buying Cheap Celebrity Sunglasses
(post written by Jaren) One thing I noticed during my ventures at 2014 #NYFW, is that Cheap Celebrity #Sunglasses are an absolute necessity. You need to garnish your face during fashion week. And Cheap Celebrity Sunglasses are the perfect way to show that you're staying on trend. I was lucky enough to be invited out with a group super trendy fashion bloggers to an super trendy restaurant during my last night in New York. It was still daylight and the entire group of fashion bloggers (there were 6 of them) were rocking Cheap Celebrity Sunglasses until dusk. Now, I cannot honestly say that their sunglasses were knockoffs, but I'm a fan of most of their blogs and know that they're into high end fashion at a low price. Regardless, their Cheap Celebrity Sunglasses were on point - they all wore some that looked like Karen Walker, Tom Ford, or Alexander Wang. And (of course) they all were gigantic Celine bags. Cheap Celebrity Sunglasses and Celine Bags in tow, we had super swank evening.

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