Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wearing Cheap and Trendy Sunglasses with Expensive Outfits

Wearing Cheap and Trendy Sunglasses with Expensive Outfits
Now, we've all heard about mixing high and low fashion (such as H&M sweaters with $600 Manolo Blahniks). We're here to vouch for that method of shopping. It works ! Wearing highs and lows is a great way to build a wardrobe. Particularly when it comes to wearing high fashion clothing with cheap sunglasses. Do not be fooled by women on 5th or Madison Ave with their $3000 Chanel Bags - their outfits probably cost a fraction what their handbag cost. The trick is to buy cheap clothing or accessories that appear to be expensive. Once your pair a very expensive bag with a cheap and trendy pair of sunglasses with a $5000 Balenciaga, you immediately upgrade the look of your sunglasses. People looking at your cheap and trendy sunglasses will think that they're just as expensive as your jacket!
Take for instance the above photo: we paired an employee's expensive Louis Vuitton Damier Zippy Wallet with 2 pairs of the Selena Cat Eye Sunglasses from our website. The LV Zippy Ebene Wallet was over $500.00 but the Selena Cat Eye Sunglasses are a mere $10.99... but the sunglasses look just as chic and pricey. No one would glance at them and think their were under $20!!! Don't believe us? Try it out yourself! Take a pair of your cutest and cheap sunglasses and wear them with one of your most expensive handbags. You will look like a million bucks!!! There's no need to spend hundreds of dollars on every piece of clothing, accessory, or pair of sunglasses. We can't all be rock stars... but we can sure as hell be savvy shoppers.
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