Saturday, December 28, 2013

How to Dress Like You're From California (Including Sunglasses!)

How to Dress Like You're From California (Including Sunglasses!)
People we've really been admiring lately are those California girls. Katy Perry had it right! They're style is just amazing. It's so amazing that, lately, a lot of ecommerce sites are includes words like "LA", "Cali", and "California" in their domain names.
Well, to start off, California girls have this style that just seems effortless. It's probably because of their warm weather. All you need to stay comfortable and stylish is a great pair of sunglasses, some quality denim cut off shorts, and a cute pair of flip flops (the hair has to be right to). And that brings us to our main point: what really makes the California girls outfit are her sunglasses. Most cali chicks will tell you that to look cute, a cute pair of sunglasses is a MUST! Most girls go for oversized sunglasses because they look really cute, especially you the hair is up in a bun, or long and beach-wavy.
For the look, we highly recommend the above pair of Round Oversized Cat Eye Sunglasses. Imagine wearing those in the California sun? Very cute. Next, we strongly recommend a super cute pair of studded denim cut off shorts by Runway Dreamz. They're amazing but a little pricey... but probably worth it. When you've accomplished that cute California look, do send us a selfie! But first, get your pair of California Girl Sunglasses from for $10.99.

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