Thursday, December 12, 2013

Green Sequin Motel Gabby Dress

Once again, we bring you one style sold by two of our fashion apparel retailers. The green iridescent sequin "Gabby" dress by motel is an absolute beaut. In fact, green sequins have been a major trend this season, not to mention anything iridescent (remember when Rihanna stepped out in that hologram and denim outfit? ... To die for!). There is no holiday dress more perfect than the Green Sequin Motel Gabby Dress. First, you've got your "sparkle effect". Anything sparkly for the holidays is a go! Next, the color is super unexpected! You'll usually find most girls settling for black when it comes to sequin dresses. But green sequins is a color that is not done often. Finally, the hemline is super sexy... and yes, this is a dress length that is not appropriate for family gatherings, but will work just find for holiday parties with your peers. So the Gabby Motel Dress? A total check on our list this season.  ;)

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